Am I Helen, or am I Racine? I am neither. I am Helen writing Racine. I am Helen sleep deprived from 17 hours suspended above Earth contained within a winged sausage of steel.

1o hours of steady Zzzz’s later I woke and a shower later ventured out of my room looking to meet my rally contacts in the flesh for the first time. We’d met online and over phone calls but now it all was to become real.


Where to begin…? At the beginning of course –

In Kenya, at the Kenya Bay Hotel where I arrived on November 14th at something like 4:30 AM after two excellent flights on Turkish Airlines.

As soon as the taxi entered through the hotel’s gate it was clear that I was at the right place. In pre-dawn light a fleet of Porsches was visible elevated on lifts under canopies in front of the hotel reception.